Sad News

| October 29th, 2010 | Animals Hunting Humans, Existential Threats, Team Sports

Sorry to interrupt your gleeous gallivanting, but it is with great sadness that I report a critical breach of security at The TipArt Deep-sea Fortress and Studio.  Yesterday afternoon, our longtime and recently slain nemesis, the dolphin king, teamed up with a hitherto unknown enemy and stormed the keep.  Details are still emerging, but it’s currently thought that the new threat is a sea otter that sustains itself on a diet of clams and human optimism.  The otter is thought to have gained access to the Fortress by banging on the locks with a rock.  Current whereabouts are unknown.

Luckily, the ignoble raid took place during an off-site feast and so only TipArt Contributor-In-Residence Balpreet was brutally slain by the cold blooded duo.  While we mourn her loss at this difficult time, I have some good news to tell as well: there’s a new Contributor-In-Residence!  Hot off her recent work on a Flower and the Korean Flag, please join me in welcoming Kara to the Deep-sea Fortress and Studio!  We replaced the locks and are very excited to see what she comes up with, given the freedom to focus entirely on her work.

  1. Balpreet (from the spiritual world) Says:

    harsh, but funny :)

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