Mauve Triangle

| March 16th, 2010 | .Tips, Commissions, FOR SALE

Turns out that woman in that story was showing solidarity, not a lesbian.  That’ll teach you to jump to conclusions.  Though as a rock star, you can bang lots of  people more or less at will, so it probably wasn’t the most poignant teaching experience.

Inspired by my otherworldly work on Tishina’s Ghost Killing Triangle, Anand asked me to retreat to my infernal foundry (btw, I’m really glad that everyone knows it’s infernal) and forge this invaluable relic that let’s you walk through one door a week.  Which he will auction to the highest bidder.  What?  You want your own artifact, cause you’re gunna ambush some dolphins and don’t wanna take any chances?  I can help you with that, drop me a line (

[SOLD. Commission a reproduction for $50.]

  1. Anand Says:

    The pink triangle was well-received at the silent auction, but I found out later that some people were concerned that the pink filling might be live bacteria or something. Did not even imagine I’d need to label it as inert art.

  2. Bob Says:

    Haha, that’s funny, I never would have thought of that either.

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