| November 23rd, 2009 | .Tips, 10,000ft, Probably WMDs, Prototypes

Omg so pretty

This is the first LensTip prototype.  I call it a prototype because it’s not capable of killing humans very efficiently.  And it might explode.  To answer the other question I know you have, YES, the lid works.  If you’re less enthusiastic about WMDs than I am, THAT IS TOO BAD, because the tips are fixed into place.  The LensTip fabrication process is proprietary, but I can tell you that each tip gathers light in a way that suggests an array of weaponized lenses or a compound eye.  Those white lines are the overhead florescent lights.

Btw, I call it Trinity because when I saw what I had wrought, I realized that I had become death, destroyer of worlds.