Rainbow Tornado

| March 11th, 2011 | .Tips, 10,000ft, Existential Threats, FOR SALE, Guessers, Robots, Team Sports, Weather as Conversation

Here’s one I bet you can’t guess: whose dual tech is this? Also, what the hell does that mean??

BE CAREFUL though. If you’re boss see’s this, she’s going to think you’re a timecop from the future and will probably attack you on sight. You can take her, just be ready is all I’m saying. RAINBOW TORNADO ATTACK!!!!

[Available, $50.]


| January 25th, 2011 | .Tips, CHOMPable, Existential Threats, Team Sports, Utter Disappointment

Look what I discovered.

Bear Paw

| January 21st, 2011 | .Cells, Animals Hunting Humans, CHOMPable, Existential Threats, TV Shows Set in Space

Jim Halpert: [dressed as Dwight Schrute] Question: What kind of bear is best?
Dwight Schrute: That’s a ridiculous question.
Jim Halpert: False. Black bear.
Dwight Schrute: That’s debatable. There are basically two schools of thought…
Jim Halpert: Fact: Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.


| January 11th, 2011 | .Cells, Animals Hunting Humans, CHOMPable, Existential Threats, Probably WMDs, Robots, Team Sports, TV Shows Set in Space

Dinosaur Tracks

Clever girl.

Future Styley

| January 7th, 2011 | .Tips, Existential Threats

the future is here and it's tips

[YES.  The future is here, and it's tips.  Kinda. -B]

Be Afraid

| December 28th, 2010 | .Cells, Animals Hunting Humans, Existential Threats

be verrrrry afraid


| December 10th, 2010 | .Cells, 8-bit, Animals Hunting Humans, CHOMPable, Existential Threats


It’s a boy!

| November 26th, 2010 | .Cells, .Tubes, Animals Hunting Humans, Existential Threats, Guessers

I karyotyped myself.


| November 5th, 2010 | .Cells, Existential Threats

[PS I can't tell if this little guy is friendly or terrifying. -B]

Sad News

| October 29th, 2010 | Animals Hunting Humans, Existential Threats, Team Sports

Sorry to interrupt your gleeous gallivanting, but it is with great sadness that I report a critical breach of security at The TipArt Deep-sea Fortress and Studio.  Yesterday afternoon, our longtime and recently slain nemesis, the dolphin king, teamed up with a hitherto unknown enemy and stormed the keep.  Details are still emerging, but it’s currently thought that the new threat is a sea otter that sustains itself on a diet of clams and human optimism.  The otter is thought to have gained access to the Fortress by banging on the locks with a rock.  Current whereabouts are unknown.

Luckily, the ignoble raid took place during an off-site feast and so only TipArt Contributor-In-Residence Balpreet was brutally slain by the cold blooded duo.  While we mourn her loss at this difficult time, I have some good news to tell as well: there’s a new Contributor-In-Residence!  Hot off her recent work on a Flower and the Korean Flag, please join me in welcoming Kara to the Deep-sea Fortress and Studio!  We replaced the locks and are very excited to see what she comes up with, given the freedom to focus entirely on her work.