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In the summer of 2010 a great calm came over the land and then the Dolphin King kidnapped my son and threatened to hand him over to my robot nemesis unless I retreated to my forest forge and fabbed a fabulous framed banana.  I told him it was impossible, but he just let out a blood curdling screech and flew off into the distance.  My first instinct was the send my lieutenant and an expeditionary force to burn his pitiful fort to the ground, but they were immediately ambushed and slaughtered.  So I went to work with hammer and sickle and low!, this finished and sublime product sprang whole from the side of my head.  Good enough.  I traded it for my son, and the second I had him back I broke my promise and killed the Dolphin King where he stood, cause I don’t eff around.  Then Margaret commissioned a banana and I pretended to work on it for two months so that she didn’t realize I had already made it for another purpose.  And I got away with it, like I always do!  Zooooooooom!

[SOLD. Commission a reproduction for $50.]

  1. Margaret Says:

    CHEATER. I am glad, though, that your life-saving work also earned you a profit.

    Oh, wait. I haven’t paid you yet. Maybe I, too, will break my promise. THE BANANA IS MINE!

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