Anchor Face

| November 28th, 2009 | .Tips, Prototypes


SURPRISE!  Another prototype!  I bet you thought that anchor was just a normal anchor that had lost his box.  And then I swung the camera around and you were like, “SHIT< WHERE ARE HIS LEGS??”  Relax- relax, it’s ok, I just removed them permanently.  Except for those two near the bottom.  I left those, so he could stand.  Like a human, on two legs, not on 40 legs like some kind of spider monster.  All the tips are fixed in place, except 6: the legs, and the two above them on each side.  This way you can swap them so that he stand up at different angles.  Cause he looks best head on, and depending on where you stand him, head on is different.  Aye aye, matey.

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