A mesurably more dangeous device

| March 30th, 2010 | .Tips, Commissions, FOR SALE, Probably WMDs

Earlier this year, Rob’s brother Eric started machinations to acquire the next piece in my ‘extremely dangerous device’ development cycle. You never know a man’s intentions in a situation like this, so I wasn’t thrilled about letting one of these weapons out of my hands, but he put me in a compromising position. AND SO IT WAS MADE AND GIVEN, forged using the ground amygalda of 200 feral cats. Is it vegan if animal parts are used to make it, even if you don’t eat them? Not that you eat this. It doesn’t contain animal parts itself, but it’s made using some, I mean. So I don’t know. Btw, I’m not even gunna tell you what it does, cause if I did, Eric would immediately be assassinated in its pursuit. And as skeptical as I am of his intentions, the people who would kill him for it are even more unsavory.

[SOLD. Commission a reproduction for $50.]

  1. Jake Says:

    Holy CRAP that is shiny! /covet

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